Saturday, March 9, 2013

Five Months "Locked" in Chastity

I can't believe it. It has bee 5 months plus that I have been sentenced to a term of a year locked in my CB6Ks Chastity Device. A lot of things happened since I wrote my last blog. My Master, Master Tony re-set my term in chastity in January 2013. When he did, he didn't take into account that I had already served 5 months of a year's sentence in my chastity device. What he did, with a grin and smile I want to add, reset the Chastity Sentence back to a year plus. What does that mean? Well, instead of finishing my term the end of September 2013, my term is now extended to February 2014. Instead of one year in chastity, I now am serving 18 months. To tell you the truth, I am happy about it. In fact, I never want out. It is the best and hottest thing I ever did.

Another thing happened during the last couple of months. As mentioned before, I currently am using for my chastity, a CB6000s Chastity device. The device is made of heavy plastic and is locked with a Master padlock. My Keyholder is the holder of the key, the only key. Since the device is made of plastic, my Master became concerned that I might try to remove the cage without his permission. Under our signed contract, he has the right to change my device as well as modify it to his liking. Master Tony ordered me to permanently seal my device using Industrial Glue at points where the CB6000s come together. He also ordered me to put glue into the keyhole of the master lock so that any key, even his key, would not be able to open it. With my Master's supervision using Web Cam, he instructed me on how to seal my device. He watched and guided me as I placed glue in all the vital spots. This was done twice to insure that the deice would never open. At first I was a little concerned but after a few days, reality did set in, I became so excited that the fact that I could never open this device short of breaking it, makes me drip constantly.

Upon completion of my sentence (If that time ever comes) Master has plans that immediately after the removal of my present Chastity Device, a steel device will be put in its place and a term of one year will begin. Master Tony does not want me out of a device for more than 5 minutes. (Hot) After the device is locked, Master Tony has decided to permanently seal the steel cage with a steel epoxy called JB Weld. it will be an interesting next two years.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hello, My Name Is Cassandra

Yes, my Master seeking to humiliate me even further ordered me to change my name to Casandra.  So my signature is now Casandra on all and every thing i own.  i am very happy to be my Master's gurl and i am looking forward to one day making it real. To be continued.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Here I Am

It has been a few weeks since my last publication.  On October 4th, 2012, my former Keyholder Master Chris asked to be relieved of his obligation as a key holder at which time i agreed.  Chris was very evasive and was never there when you needed him.  Chris, i later found out, wanted to key hold for women and was experimenting with men; i was his project.  What i have to say is goodbye!!
On Sept 27th, 2012, i met my present key holder Master Tony.  Master Tony took over for my X-Master Chris also on October 4th.  Master Tony immediately order me out of my Chastity Device and allowed me 2 days until two locks arrived in the mail.  They were keyless.
Master Tony had ordered me to buy a steel dog collar to be locked at the same time as my device. (cage).  On October 8, i was sent a contract through the web site "I Love Chastity" for the total time of chastity lockup of 368 days.  Upon my agreement to the contract, i would have to be locked as Master Tony viewed the proceedings on Yahoo video feed.  On that same date, i locked a collar around my neck with one of Master Tony's locks and at the same viewing, locked my chastity device with another of Master Tony's locks.  Master Tony advised me that there is only one key and he is the sole possessor of the key.
A second contract was drawn up and signed by Master Tony and myself (see contract post) which gives the rules of ownership.  I also consented to be Master Tony's slave.

Coming Up:

Master Tony will be sending two identification tags to be worn one my collar and cage respectively.  More to come.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Key Holder Search

Yes, there I go again.  The problem is that my Key Holder is not around much.  In fact I have not heard from him since the beginning of this month when I had a Key Holder dispute around me.  Since then, not a word, even after several notes to him.  Not a good sign, and I don't think a good Key Holder.  

The clue might be that his profile said that he was more interested in being a Key Holder for a woman but would consider holding the Key for a man.  Maybe he found what he was looking for and now will let his time run out on my lock-up sentence with him.  I really don't know, but, it sure seems like it.  We use to communicate all the time and talk on Yahoo Messenger daily.  Again, he has not been on Yahoo either.  I hope nothing bad happened to him.

However, I have recently met a man who would like to be my Key Holder.  I explained that I currently had one and I also told him about my Key Holder's failure to communicate with me.  Master Tony said that he will take over as my Key Holder.  Master Tony will write my present Key Holder and tell him.

Master Tony has placed me under his total care and immediately sentenced me to a year and a month in lock-up, with no real time limit.  He also said that I was to be locked for life and the year and a month is only for a release of minutes for clean up and maintenance of the cage.  After this clean up and maintenance which should take no more than minutes, it will be back in the cage for another year. (This is what I want)  He does not trust locking number tags so he is sending me his own "Master" lock and will supervise the transfer from a numbered tag to his lock via internet video.  There will be only one Key and he will the only person to possess it.  Master Tony lives several hundred miles from me and would have to send the key via US Mail if he allowed me to remove it for any reason.  

I am also ordered to wear a collar with a second lock that he will provide.  Master Tony seems to be very experienced in being a Key Holder.  He promised to help me with my sissy makeover and will, little at a time, demand that I wear or do things to my body that make me more of a sissy. (Very exciting)

Certainly not the last, Master Tony has demanded that I get a tattoo above my clit that says "Cum Slut Slave."  He also said that when I am to do this, he will set the appointment up for the tattoo, explain to the artist who I am and why he wants this type of tattoo.  Here is the clincher, he will tell the artist what exactly should be tattooed on my groin.  (Very, very exciting)

Master Tony has written a contract that he wants me to sign.  At the very least, it is for a minimum of 5 years and is very demanding.